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Professional IP Traffic Filtering System

This system has been developed & maintained by our IT team for 8 years.
We have the world's most accurate real-time database and the most accurate algorithm!

What is

IP Location Filtering

Based on the geographic location of visitor traffic (e.g. city, state, country)


Display the real page for normal visitors and another bridge page for illegal visitors.

Shield crawlers and spy tools

Prevent others from copying your products, advertising ideas and materials

Block fraudulent visitors

Quickly identify and mark suspicious visitors as fraudulent in real time.

The "Killer" CLOAKING Solution

  • Protect advertising landing pages and effectively increase ROI
  • Global database, millisecond response, safe, accurate and fast
  • Filter crawlers, unpopular IPs, reduce invalid visits, and ensure that advertisements are safely reviewed
  • More powerful background traffic filtering rules, UA judgment, geographic location, device fingerprint
  • Real-time monitoring of the distribution status of advertising traffic, timely adjustment of advertising strategies, and modification of advertising parameters
  • Zero technical requirements, one-click deployment, fool-like operation interface, 10 minutes package to complete the docking
  • Monthly subscription and click to pay, flexible switching, no time limit, no website limit
  • Can create an ad review page for Shopify second-level domain name, endorsement of brand domain name credit, 100% over review
  • Do not use cheating js jump and iframe embedded methods, stick to the best way to use native PHP calls

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About Us

Our Professional IT Team is the most professional advertising traffic filtering platform. It improves the quality of potential customers and ROI by protecting real landing page links and reducing fraudulent traffic. It is a necessary Cloaking tool for overseas advertising pitchers. We currently monitor millions of visits every day and provide services to thousands of customers worldwide. Massive IP data, efficient screening of traffic, user behavior identification, hardware fingerprints, regular updates of new bots, audit IP, SPY tool IP. The platform supports a wide range, including but not limited to: facebook/instagram/google/tiktok/yahoo/pinterest.

Cloaking Expert has absorbed the advantages of many cloaking tools at home and abroad at the beginning of the design. The domestic cloak only provides a single interface to determine the parameters that can be disguised such as IP and equipment. not only uses the latest hardware fingerprint recognition, but also Use the background to instantly operate the control panel, and even remotely update the cloak code version. Once installed, you will always benefit. Using Cuckoo can also detect access traffic in real time, filter rule testing, and ensure the best cloak effect.
Choose the corresponding package according to the size of your business, the most affordable price, the strongest cost performance.

We always adhere to our own original core algorithm, and never imitate or steal other people's systems

Recently, overseas platform policies have been updated more and more quickly. In order to make customers' ads run stable and long-term, we are now raising the threshold of use, establishing a small developer circle, and better serving quality customers.
Basic Plan

$109  /mo

  • Traffic Limit <= 35000
  • Campaign Limit
  • Advertising Tips & Support
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Medium Plan

$249  /mo

  • Traffic Limit <= 200000
  • Campaign Limit
  • Advertising Tips & Support
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Large Plan

$499  /mo

  • Traffic Limit <= 800000
  • Campaign Limit
  • Advertising Tips & Support
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